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Anthorrhiza bracteosa (Normanby, PNG)
Anthorrhiza bracteosa is found on Normanby island in the east of Papua new guinea. Anthorrhiza bracteosa grows at less exposed spots than the other species of Anthorrhiza (A. bracteosa) that's also found on the island. Limited supply!

Anthorrhiza recurvispina (?) (Missima Island, PNG)
A very nice lowland species. The plants from Missima differ considerably from the Rossel ones. Since Rossel is the type locality, I have some doubts whether both populations really represent the same species. Maybe, the Missima plants represent an undescribed species!

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Anthorrhiza recurvispina (Rossel Island, PNG)
A lowlander growing hidden in dense forest. Very hard to spot. Forms huge plants in the wild!

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Anthorrhiza chrysacantha (Mt. Kaindi, PNG)
This species is absolutely stunning. It forms huge plants that grow on isolated trees on top of Mt. Kaindi in Papua New Guinea. At first sight, plants appear to be very similar to Anthorrhiza caerulea but plants are much bigger, leaves are smaller and not undulated. In addition, plants of a. chrysacantha form several shoots per plant.In my opinion this species playes in one league with Myrmecodia lamii, Hydnphytum kajewskii and and Squamellaria major concerning the bizarre appearance!Only few plants are available. First come, first serve!

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Anthorrhiza echinella (Pericles Pass, PNG)
First commercially offered!The species was so named because of its sea urchin-like shape (sea urchin=Echinoidea). Very beautiful species!