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Hydnophytum (Squamellaria) guppyanum (Bugainville Island, PNG)
For the first time I have some beautiful plants grown from seed for sale.The tubers are about 2-3 cm in diameter. Hydnophytum guppyanum is the closest relative of Hydnophytum kajewskii. Both species are nowadays rather assigned to the genus Squamellaria due to phylogenetic studies.

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Hydnophytum (Squamellaria) kajewskii (Bugainville Island, PNG)
Ant plant specialist Matthew Jebb calls this "...the most sophisticated tuber structure, which must rank as one of the most sophisticated and bizarre vegetative structures in the entire plant kingdom..." Unique!

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Squamellaria grayi (Taveuni Island, Fiji)
Newly documented species, described only in 2016 by Chormicki and Wistuba.It originates from the lowland jungle of Taveuni and Vanua Levu. The caudex reaches 25 cm in diameter and an impressive 40 cm in length. The whole plant reaches 50 cm. Between the caudex holes there are various bumps on the caudex surface. Unique flowers and fruits are found in the species.

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Squamellaria huxleyana (Vanua Levu, Fiji)
The species Squamellaria huxleyana was described by Chormicki in 2016. It has so far only been documented in Vanua Levu in Fiji. Similar to S. major, long branches arise from the caudex at many points and bear leaves at the distal end. The caudex itself reaches sizes of 25-30 cm in diameter. The characteristic nubby entrances for ants are also distributed over the whole caudex surface. The plant with caudex and branches can reach a total size of up to 60 cm.

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Squamellaria major (Taveuni, Fiji)
Squamellaria major is one of the most impressive, unique representatives of its genus. S. major looks as if it was from another planet. The caudex is of dark, globular appearance. The long leaf-bearing branches arise from it sporadically at large distances from each other. The hollow caudex can reach a diameter of 17 cm and a length of 24 cm, the whole plant 40 cm. The entrances for the ants, which are evenly distributed over the caudex surface, look almost nubby.

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Squamellaria thekii (Taveuni, Fiji)
A rare ant plant from the lowland jungle of Fiji, where it occurs epiphytically at in great heights above ground. Thus there are hardly any documented individuals in the wild.The caudex is iregullary roundish with structurally well-defined holes for the ants' burrows. It can reach a size of up to 30 cm in diameter.The whole plant can grow up to 60 cm high and carries its slightly shiny, palmate leaves on the short branches.

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Squamellaria wilsonii (Taveuni, Fiji)
A very bizarre species, which has only been described on Tavenui Island in Fiji. With a caudex diameter of 25 cm and a total height of 60 cm it belongs to the larger representatives of the genus.The caudex is tuberous and is only fixed to the substrate at one tip, on the opposite side the branches arise in a cluster.Between all the entrances for the ants arranged in symmetrical circular rows, the complete caudex surface is covered with long bristle-like structures.