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Coconut chips with fibre content - bag with 70 litres of ready-to-use moistened material (approx. 20 kg)

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Product number: AW-Subs_Kokos2
Product information "Coconut chips with fibre content - bag with 70 litres of ready-to-use moistened material (approx. 20 kg)"
In recent years, more and more Nepenthes growers around the world are using coco chips as a substrate or substrate additive. Especially in the USA and Asia, the material is already very popular!

Coco chips have almost ideal properties:
  • The substrate is very airy and structurally stable.
  • As the water retention capacity is much higher than with pine bark, the chips can also be used without adding Sphagnum moss (see below).
  • The coconut chips rot much more slowly than pine bark or cork.
  • Since the surface dries well, pots in which coco chips have been used without any other additives, weedy moss will appear much more slowly than substrates with added moss or peat.

Since most coconut plantations are located near the sea and the coconut palms deposit a lot of sodium chloride (common salt) in the fibre cover of the fruits, the material must be desalted by frequent and lengthy washing. Especially with salt-sensitive plants like Nepenthes, the application is therefore laborious and hardly practicable on a larger scale in horticulture, despite the fantastic other properties, if only the 
usually traded unwashed material is available.

After a long search, we have found a supplier who can supply us with ready-to-use material into which we have been potting even sensitive ex-vitro young plants and cuttings directly for about a year. 
Without any problems - quite the opposite:
The rooting surpasses all substrates I have tested over the years. I am really completely thrilled!
In the meantime, almost all Nepenthes and ant plants here in the nursery are potted in pure coco material (straight from the bag) without any other additives. Even very sensitive species like Nepenthes hamata, N. inermis, N. ephippiata, N. lowii.
Only a few species that prefer mineral substrates (e.g. Nepenthes villosa, N. rajah) are still potted in other mixtures here.

Our material has a relatively high fibre content and should therefore be used without the addition of Sphagnum moss or peat to maintain airiness. The additives would only compact the material.  The moisture in the coco material is quite sufficient under greenhouse conditions.

Please note that we can generally only ship substrates within Germany and to certain EU countries:  Shipping of substrates is currently only possible to Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. 
 Only one bag can be shipped per delivery due to the high weight.