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Some explanations of terms that come up frequently

In-vitro propagation:

Most plants come from in-vitro culture. This state-of-the-art culture method allows the propagation of plants that are often difficult to propagate conventionally. For example, it is possible to propagate specifically selected plants "clonally" - i.e. the descendants are genetically identical to the mother plant and possess identical characteristics.
However, we also use the technique for normal sowings without a propagation step. Seedlings grow quickly and healthily in vitro without being affected by diseases. 

Short Supply:

In order to give as many customers as possible the chance to purchase plants of which only a few are available, we limit these articles. Only a certain quantity is then released per customer, which can be purchased within a waiting period. This quantity is partly determined dynamically by the shop and is based on the number of plants still available. If there are less than 10 plants remaining, the last plants are normally only released individually. If there are several versions of an item (e.g. different sizes or clones) that cannot be recognised by the shop as belonging together, I reserve the right to intervene and manually cancel orders.

Small batch release:

Some plants are deliberately only offered in small batches and are not in in vitro propagation. Mostly these are smaller batches of which there are only 10-50 seedlings, which are gradually added to the shop. When they are all sold, that's it.
For example, in our Heliamphora and Nepenthes breeding programme we keep only 1-3 plants from a cross in order to make a meristem propagation of a certain clone later and to be able to continue breeding with the cross. All the remaining clones are pre-selected in several rounds and, if necessary, destroyed if they do not meet our expectations.
The best 10-50 (except the last selections) are sold as small batch releases. Selected pre-selections later as a single plant auction.


In this section you will find plants that we no longer propagate and In-Vitro no longer exist. They will be added to the shop bit by bit. When they are all sold, they will not be put up again for the foreseeable future.
The aim is to change the assortment regularly in order to be able to offer you great novelties again and again despite limited space.