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Heliamphora ciliata (Lowland)


Product number: AW-H_cil.5
Product information "Heliamphora ciliata (Lowland)"
Ever heard of a lowland Heliamphora? Meet Heliamphora ciliata! It is the only Heliamphora known exclusively from sub-montane regions.

Found in a few swampy meadows north-east of Aprada Tepui in the Gran Sabana at elevation of around 900m, this species grows in permanently moist to inundated soils among low growing vegetation. The name ciliata refers to the tufts of hairs on the back of the nectar spoon and along the back of the pitcher mid-rib. The interior of the pitchers is also lined in two distinctive types of hairs, a shorter and a longer one, that contribute to the overall hairy look of the plant. Pitchers easily color red in bright light and are noted for not having a drainage hole. Instead a narrow slit is present at the front of the pitcher which regulates water level in a manner similar to chimantensis, minor, and pulchella which are closely related. The oval spoon comes off a triangular neck and is typically held at a 45 degree angle above the pitcher opening.

Small colonies of ciliata up to 35cm in width can be found in habitat, and similarly the plant readily clumps in cultivation, forming attractive mounds over time. Although it can reach 20cm height in nature, it is usually shorter in cultivation.

This easy, fast growing, temperature tolerant species comes highly recommended. Excellent beginner plant!

(Wistuba, Nerz & A. Fleischm. 2009)
Properties "Heliamphora ciliata (Lowland)"
Climate zone: Tropical