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Heliamphora huberi (Amuri Tepui)

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Product number: AW-H_hub_Am_BF.1
Product information "Heliamphora huberi (Amuri Tepui)"
Little known, though widely distributed, Heliamphora huberi is endemic to the Chimanta Massif and is present on several of the tepuis and associated areas. The name honors Dr. Otto Huber, a botanist who has contributed greatly to the knowledge of tepui flora, and who collected the type specimen on Angassima Tepui in 1986.

Heliamphora huberi grows in partially shaded habitat among dense low-growing vegetation at elevation between 1850-2200m. The plants tend to form small clusters of offshoots up to 40cm across that are often scattered, though large strands are also found on Akopan Tepui. The distinctive feature of this species is its oval nectar spoon that comes off a short neck-like elongation at the back of the pitcher and has a pronounced upturned appendage at the tip. The pitchers themselves are up to 30cm tall in the wild (though much smaller in cultivation) and their morphology suggest a hybridogenic origin between a species akin to H. heterodoxa and perhaps pulchella. Very interesting! Their color is a pale green which suffuses to red or purple towards the margins, with faint red or purple veining in the interior. When exposed to more light and as the pitchers mature they often become redder.

This wonderful species deserves to be grown more widely. Though not a fast grower, it’s a beautiful addition to the collection with its curiously shaped spoons. A mature plant can look very striking.

(Fleischmann, A., A. Wistuba & J. Nerz, 2009)
Properties "Heliamphora huberi (Amuri Tepui)"
Climate zone: Tropical