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Heliamphora minor "Selection 5"

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Product number: AW-H_min_S5.2
Product information "Heliamphora minor "Selection 5" "
A staple for growers who like compact Heliamphora, H. minor is one of the most widely cultivated species. Though different clones can vary significantly in their growth rate, color, and overall size, the plants always stay manageable and easily fit into every collection.

Unevenly distributed on the summits of Auyan Tepui (at 1900-2500m) and the much smaller Cerro la Luna (as low as 1650m), this species favors mixed plant communities which enjoy mutual shelter from the elements. In these situations, H. minor can form tightly packed hummocks up to 1m across. The soil in which the plants grow is frequently inundated and at times the water level on the outside and the inside of the pitchers is virtually the same. Pitchers are typically up to 15cm tall and do not have a drainage hole (instead a narrow slit extends down to the mid-sections and regulated the water within). The spoons are generally oval and held at a 45 degree angle above the pitcher opening on a narrow neck.

Two subspecies are recognized: H. minor v minor and H. minor v pilosa. The latter is distinguished by its dense cover of long hairs both on the exterior and the interior of the pitchers, giving it an overall fuzzy look. No intermediate forms have been observed between the two subspecies even though strands can often grow in close proximity.

Heliamphora minor is an extremely variable species. Please refer to specific clone information for details. Because there are many selections available, it is very much worthwhile to grow different clones, especially if small Heliamphora are favored.

(Gleason, H. A. & E. P. Killip, 1939)

A very nice selected clone. Reddish on the outside, greenish on the inside of pitchers.

Properties "Heliamphora minor "Selection 5" "
Climate zone: Tropical