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Heliamphora minor var. pilosa x macdonaldae

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Product number: AW-Hx_minPilXmcd.9
Product information "Heliamphora minor var. pilosa x macdonaldae"
One of my best crosses!
This cross combines almost ideally the best features of both species. The interesting lid shape comes from Heliamphora minor. However, the lid is clearly enlarged compared to H. minor. All offered and pre-selected clones show a nice veining - a characteristic of Heliamphora macdonaldae.
I am still looking for my 2-3 favorites at the moment. Since I cannot propagate all pre-selected clones, this is the last chance to acquire some of them. In the future I will only propagate and offer the final selection of my 2-3 favorite clones.

Properties "Heliamphora minor var. pilosa x macdonaldae"
Climate zone: Tropical
Status: Sale