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Heliamphora nutans (Giant Form) - Mericlone

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Product number: AW-H_nutg_mc.1
Product information "Heliamphora nutans (Giant Form) - Mericlone"
Easy, vigorous, and much bigger than typical H. nutans!is not really clear where these plants originate. They were grown in the Oxford Botanical Garden (UK) for decades but apparently nobody knows where the mother plants were collected. Nowadays, it is believed that Heliamphora nutans "Giant" is in fact a natural hybrid of H. glabra and H. nutans, and so, it is no surprise that the offspring does not come true from seed. In habitat, this hybrid is locally abundant and, in fact, it often outnumbers both parent species in areas where their population converge. So far, it has been found on Mt Roraima, Wei Assipu Tepui, and Maringma Tepui. The mericlone offered is the real thing! It shows exceptional vigor and large size. This is an excellent and beautiful beginner plant. Highly recommended!

Properties "Heliamphora nutans (Giant Form) - Mericlone"
Altitude: Highland
Climate zone: Tropical