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Hydnophytum mamberamoense (or related species - possibly new genus)

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Product number: AW-Hyd_mamb_sp.1
Product information "Hydnophytum mamberamoense (or related species - possibly new genus)"
I believe, this is the elusive Hydnophytum mamberamoense or a related species. Unfortunately, the type specimen is quite incomplete, so I am a bit reluctant to call it H. mamberamoense.
However having seen the species in the field, I am quite sure that this is neither a Hydnophytum, nor a Myrmecodia but rather belongs into a yet to be described new genus of Hydnophytinae!

This strange species from the southern coast of Irian Jaya does not really fit into any of the other genuses of Hydnophytinae. At first sight, the caudex looks Myrmecodia-like but appears to be less organanized and very irregular. The inflorescence does not fit into Myrmecodia either. Very interesting!