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Nepenthes burkei x pitopangii

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Product number: AW-Nx_burkXpito.1
Product information "Nepenthes burkei x pitopangii"
Nepenthes pitopangii hybrids are still very rare. The lower pitchers are very compact and bulbous with a mostly red base coloration, which is however very variable. The peristome is slightly oval and ribbed, as in Nepenthes burkei. Nepenthes burkei also shows bulbous lower pitchers with a distinct hip and green coloration with red spots. The peristome is red and serrated. To be expected are compact lowers with a probably red peristome and green-red can body.
The upper pitchers will be really interesting as they are extremely funnel shaped in Nepenthes pitopangii. How much will this be seen in the high pitchers of this hybrid? It remains to be seen.