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Nepenthes campanulata

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Product number: AW-N_camp.8
Product information "Nepenthes campanulata"
Nepenthes campanulata produces only one type of bell-shaped, yellow green pitchers with a strong reduced peristome and only very tiny teeth. The name was chosen in reference to it's unique bell shaped pitchers (Latin: campanulatus"= "bell shaped")
The pitchers can reach a height of 10cm and 5cm in diameter. The trunk forms many, short stolons which are growing litophytically (on rocks).

Nepenthes campanulata was first collectet 1957 by A. Kosterman at a cliff-face of Ilas Bungaan (="Flower Rock" because of it's huge colorful population of Nepenthes campanulata plants that covered a hugearea of the cliff) in the east of Borneo.
It was considered extinct until a few years ago plants that might represent a new and distant pupulation were found in the Mulu area. All plants in cultivation originate from the Mulu population since no living material ever was collected from Ilas Bungaan before the original population was wiped out.

The habitat is on mossy cliffs and damp limestone substrates.

This pitcher plant is still rare in collections but very easy to grow. It resembles Nepenthes inermis a bit as it also lacks a well developed peristome.