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Nepenthes chaniana (Borneo)


Product number: AW-N_chan.11
Product information "Nepenthes chaniana (Borneo)"
A very nice plant with bright green and slim, cylindrical pitchers. Nepenthes chaniana has a narrow infundibulate pitcher that gradually widens towards the peristome.
The species was named in honor of the Managing Director of Natural History Publications of Borneo, Chan Chew Lun. Nepenthes chaniana was described by Charles Clarke 2006.
In error, plants from Sabah and Sarawak were long misidentified as Nepenthes pilosa, a little known species from Kalimantan.
Pitchers of N. chaniana can reach a size of ca. 30cm.
Nepenthes chaniana typically grows as an epiphyte.