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Nepenthes clipeata


Product number: AW-N_clip.5
Product information "Nepenthes clipeata"
Nepenthes clipeata is notable for the big-bellied pitchers with a long funnel – similar to a wasp waist - and the roundish hairy peltate leaves to which the name is refering (Latin: clipeus = "round-shield").
This extaordinary species only producs one type of pitchers that can reach a maximum height of 30cm. Nepenthes clipeata does not vine. The shoots stay relatively short and reach a length of two meters.
Nepenthes clipeata was first collectet 1894 by J. G. Hallier and is only to be found on the vertical granite cliff of Mount Kelam in Kalimantan.
Probably the most endangered nepenthes with an extreme small wild population by now Nepenthes clipeata is almost extinct in the wild. So plants in cultivation should be grown with great care as they might soon be the only survivors of this unique species! This carnivorous plant is one of the most spectacular and desired species growing in lowland areas of Borneo.