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Nepenthes danseri (Waigeo)

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Product number: AW-N_dans.2
Product information "Nepenthes danseri (Waigeo)"
A little known Nepenthes that can only be found on the remote Waigeo Island. Waigeo is off the north-west coast of New Guinea.
There the species is found at 0-320 m.a.s.l. in the lowlands. This isolated location has resulted in the species being one of those that are less closely related to most other, Southeast Asian species due to their geographic location and have been evolving independently for a long time.
The upper pitchers of this species are tubular, with a broad pitcher base and edge-forming reduced wings. The base pitchers still have wings but are similar in shape.
The color of the pitchers is very light, usually yellow-green with varying degrees of red blotches.

Very rare, unusual species of the genus.