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Nepenthes densiflora (Sumatra)

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Product number: AW-N_dens.2
Product information "Nepenthes densiflora (Sumatra)"
Only known from high mountains of the Alas Valley and Goh Lembuh massif in Aceh province, Northern Sumatra, N. densiflora is an extreme highland plant that prefers higher altitudes within its range (1700-3200m). It grows in mossy forest, and at higher altitude often in direct sunlight between stunted montane scrub. This is generally a slow to medium, but steady grower.

Deeply coloured lower pitchers are a crimson-red to a maroon-brown colour, with colour extending up the tendrils. These pitchers are large, tough and long-lasting, creating a really stunning display. The flared and very toothy red peristome, sometimes striped with even darker red, resembles both N. singalana and N. diatas, though the prominent ridges present in these species are notable absent. Prominent wings run down the length of the pitchers.

Upper pitchers are generally lighter in colour, ranging from a plain creamy green-yellow to being tinged and/or speckled in rosy red hues, often with a pale interior. The peristome is tinged or striped with varying degrees of reds or oranges.

Cultivation Guidelines:
Light: Bright indirect or dappled light. Often grows in direct sunlight at high altitudes.
Temperature: An extreme highlander, definite requirement for highland conditions. Day temperatures should not be allowed to rise too high, and cool night time temperatures are a definite requirement.
Growing medium: An open, mossy but well-draining mix. A mix of high quality sphagnum moss with horticultural-grade perlite, a bit of good quality peat-moss and pine bark works well.
Extra notes on Cultivation: Not difficult as long as the right climate is provided. Appreciates high humidity levels.