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Nepenthes diatas (Bandahara)

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Product number: AW-N_diat.1
Product information "Nepenthes diatas (Bandahara)"
Nepenthes diatas is a very beautiful and rare ‘ultra-highland’ (2400-2600m) species endemic to Sumatra. Its name ‘diatas’ is Indonesian for “above” or “on top” in reference to it being found primarily on exposed summit ridges where plants are often very stunted, and carry only one pitcher at a time. Plants found at lower altitudes tend to be larger. Despite this it is a fairly typical highland plant and not difficult to grow provided the right climate is provided. Cool nights are a must. This is an extremely rewarding species.

Closely related to N. singalana and N. spathulata, N. diatas produces bold and remarkable pitchers that range from orange-browns to a deep purple-red or maroon, often being most dark and red when exposed to strong light. The striking peristome has prominent teeth, and ranges from pink-red to the same deep maroon as the pitchers, at times with darker striping. This creates a strong contrast with the creamy white pitcher interior, which can be flecked with the same purples as the pitcher body. This is an incredibly beautiful and sturdy plant, with bold traps and thick rugged leaves, perfect for life on a summit ridge; be it in your greenhouse or high in the mountains of Aceh province.

Cultivation Guidelines:
Bright indirect or dappled light. Seems tolerant of high light levels provided temperatures remain cool.
Temperature: Highland to ‘ultra-highland’ conditions. Requires cool days and chilly night to thrive.
Growing medium: An open, mossy but well-draining mix. A mix of high quality sphagnum moss with horticultural-grade perlite, a bit of good quality peat-moss and pine bark works well. The proportion of Sphagnum in the mix should ideally be quite high.
Extra notes on Cultivation: Appreciates high humidity levels.