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Nepenthes ephippiata (Hose Mountains, Borneo)


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Product number: AW-N_ephi_HM.1
Product information "Nepenthes ephippiata (Hose Mountains, Borneo)"
A very bizarre species native to Central Borneo, nepenthes ephippiata is closely related to nepenthes lowii but can get even larger! It brings together the best of both worlds, being impressive in size while having great form — making it a must have species for any highland Nepenthes collector.

Nepenthes lowii and N. ephippiata have many characteristics in common including tough woody pitchers, the production of lid hairs and exudate, as well as large reflexed lids. Nepenthes ephippiata also produces a seemingly oversized lid in relation to the body of the pitcher and develops a beautiful deep wine-red color in its interior while being green with very light red speckles on the outside.

Lower pitchers on this species are bulbous and have faint red coloring on the outside. Meanwhile, upper ones lose all exterior coloration, turning completely green which contrast marvelously with the dark interior.

The plants from the Hose-Mountains are usually called Nepenthes ephippiata. I have my doubts about this and find them quite strongly deviating from the "classic" Nepenthes ephippiata. Certainly as strongly deviating as from typical Nepenthes lowii populations.

Cultivation Guidelines:
Light: Bright indirect or dappled light.
Temperature: Intermediate to highland conditions, not a picky species.
Growing medium: Equal parts sphagnum and horticultural grade perlite.
Extra notes on Cultivation: Relatively easy species to grow; not especially challenging