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Nepenthes fallax (Bareo, Borneo)

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Product number: AW-N_fal.1
Product information "Nepenthes fallax (Bareo, Borneo)"
Nepenthes fallax is often confused with nepenthes stenophylla due to their many similarities. The key difference between them is that nepenthes fallax’s lid is orbiculate (circular) while the lid of nepenthes stenophylla is narrow. There are some people who consider these two plants to be the same while others point out that they are indeed two separate species.

Nepenthes fallax has beautiful cream-colored pitchers with red/purple speckle that are tubular in shape and have a striped peristome. Both the leaves and the pitchers are hirsute, covered in white hairs.

Given its adaptability, nepenthes fallax makes a great terrarium plant and is a good candidate for a sunny windowsill as well.

Cultivation Guidelines:
Bright indirect or dappled light.
Temperature: Intermediate conditions preferred, but highly adaptable.
Growing medium: Equal parts sphagnum and horticultural grade perlite.
Extra notes on Cultivation: Easy grower, adaptable to household conditions.