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Nepenthes glabrata (Sulawesi)

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Product number: AW-N_glab.3
Product information "Nepenthes glabrata (Sulawesi)"
Nepenthes glabrata is an often underestimated species from the highlands of Sulawesi. The epithet "glabrata" stands for "hairless" and describes the trichome-free leaves and pitchers, the leaves can look almost artificial. While the red net pattern is still very dense in the roundish lower pitchers with the oval peristome, this is strongly reduced in the impressive, cylindrical-funnel-shaped upper pitchers. The white uppers have a particularly noble, almost hand-drawn appearance due to their reduced, intensive red markings.
Lower pitchers show a rather broad, yellow peristome, while the uppers only retain a narrow, yellow to white ring that adorns the pitchers.
The species quickly goes into vining stage and climbs through a terrarium or greenhouse. It is particularly attractive to let the plant climb through accompanying vegetation.