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Nepenthes hamata (Gunung Lumut, Sulawesi)

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Product number: AW-N_ham.5
Product information "Nepenthes hamata (Gunung Lumut, Sulawesi)"
One of the most bizarre pitcher plant species around! While the lower pitchers belong to the beautiful, strongly-ribbed pitcher types, the upper pitchers are incomparable in the genus.
The black-brown (sometimes reddish) spotted lowerspitchers show, similar to N. tentaculata, a ring of filiform appendages on the pitcher lid, an oval black peristome with extremely pronounced teeth and ribs. The upper pitchers, however, are green with red veins and the teeth curved outward to resemble the open maw of a monster.
In nature N. hamata occurs in Sulawesi at 1400-2500 m.a.s.l. and belongs to the N. hamata group (N. muluensis, murudensis, glabrata, tentaculata).
With the right conditions and sensible fertilization N. hamata grows relatively fast.