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Nepenthes izumiae (Barisan, Sumatra)

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Product number: AW-N_iz.12
Product information "Nepenthes izumiae (Barisan, Sumatra)"
A very dark species from the Barisan Mountains in Sumatra, often producing pitch black pitchers. There the species is found at 1700-1900 m.a.s.l. and grows primarily epiphytic.
The pitchers are reminiscent of those of N. singalana (primarily the Belirang form) and Nepenthes lingulata, to both of which it is also more closely related.
What is unique to N. izumiae, however, are the teeth on the posterior part of the peristome, near the base of the lid, which can become surprisingly long depending on the individual.
The broad peristome is fluted, the pitcher hourglass-shaped and slender. The pitcher lid is usually undulating. Like N. lingulata N. izumiae has a distinct appendage on the underside of the lid, but it is rather short and broad.
Very nice species for lovers of black Nepenthes cans.