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Nepenthes lamii (Doorman's Top)

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Product information "Nepenthes lamii (Doorman's Top)"
The most extreme highlander of the genus. Nepenthes lamii can be found even at 3520 m.a.s.l. (!), where temperatures below freezing can occur. The species is found in New Guinea on Papua.
Nepenthes lamii shows red, bulbous pitchers, with violet peristome and lighter inside of the pitcher, the upper pitchers correspond to the lower  pitchers, but are slimmer and can be lighter in color.
Nepenthes monticola was removed from the species N. lamii in 2011 into its own taxon.
Due to the extreme location, often exposed to strong winds, the species is only suitable for advanced growers. The growth of this species is very slow, a larger specimen therefore an honor and award for every keeper.