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Nepenthes lowii (Gunung Trusmadi) x lowii (Mulu)

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Product number: AW-AW-Nx_ltXlm.1
Product information "Nepenthes lowii (Gunung Trusmadi) x lowii (Mulu)"
The legendary Nepenthes lowii! Certainly one of the most famous Nepenthes species. With absolutely unique, specialized upper pitchers, the species is not only visually captivating.
The shape of these high pitchers is also the basis for an absolutely fascinating mutualism. Between the bristles on the pitcher lid, N. lowii secretes a sugary substance. This serves as food for the tree squirrels Tupaia montana and leads to subsequent defecation of the animals. This feces serves as a nitrogen source for the Nepenthes lowii.
Lower pitchers of this species already show the bristles, but are not as extremely funnel-shaped as the uppers. The upper pitchers are highly variable and can bear diverse colors.
Nepenthes lowii is found on Mt. Kinabalu, Trusmadi, Murud and Mulu in Borneo at 1650-2600 m.a.s.l..
N. lowii is a persistent grower under the right conditions, due to the slow growth it is recommended to start early with the species.
This form of Mt. Trusmadi is widely used in the hobby and corresponds to the typical picture of the species.