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Nepenthes macfarlanei (Genting Highlands, Peninsula)

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Product number: AW-mac.1
Product information "Nepenthes macfarlanei (Genting Highlands, Peninsula)"
Absolutely underestimated, variable species from the Malay Peninsula from 900-2150 m.a.s.l..
It produces funnel- to ovoid-shaped pitchers with a broad, fluted peristome that comes together at the base of the lid and forms an arch, similar to N. rafflesiana. The pitchers are usually darkly spotted, and may have a yellow or orange ground colour. Characteristic for this species is a light fringe of trichomes under the lid of the pitcher.
Lower pitchers are mostly funnel-shaped, bulbous or egg-shaped, uppers funnel-shaped and clearly lighter up to white with pink striped peristome, here the close relationship to N. alba shows up.
The lower pitchers can grow up to 25 cm!
Beautiful, much too rarely cultivated species!