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Nepenthes madagascariensis (Madagascar)

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Product number: AW-mad.1
Product information "Nepenthes madagascariensis (Madagascar)"
Besides N. masoalensis, Nepenthes madagascariensis is the only pitcher plant represented in Madagascar. Nepenthes madagascariensis is an interesting species due to its isolated location and is clearly more robust in care than N. masoalensis.
Along the east coast between Maroansetra and Tolagnaro it inhabits diverse habitats at below 500 m.a.s.l., thus it is clearly the more euryoecious of both species. The characteristic yellow, funnel-shaped upper pitchers of N. madagascariensis are very attractive. The lower pitchers are red coloured and cylindrically shaped with a broadened base. Similar to Nepenthes bicalcarata, this species also has two toothed extensions of the peristome under the lid.
While the lower pitchers are primarily specialized in catching ants, the upper pitchers land significantly more flying insects in the liquid.
Recommendable species, of which unfortunately hardly any larger specimens exist in cultivation.