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Nepenthes peltata (Mt. Hamiguitan)

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Product number: AW-N_pelt.4
Product information "Nepenthes peltata (Mt. Hamiguitan)"
Unusual, ovoid and large species. Nepenthes peltata comes from Mt. Hamiguitan in Mindanao and is found at 865-1635 m.a.s.l..
There the species occurs in a variety of habitats and shows an incredible variability.
The pitchers are red to yellow spotted, with a red to yellow striped peristome.
Those can grow up to 28 cm and 16 cm wide, so they are extremely bulbous.
Interestingly, this species shows great dimorphism between pitchers that grow free-hanging and pitchers that grow supported on substrate.
"Peltata" refers to the peltate tendril attachment to the leaf.
Very pretty species, but not yet showing its full potential in young plants.