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Nepenthes pulchra (Mindanao, Philippines)


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Product number: AW-N_pulch.4
Product information "Nepenthes pulchra (Mindanao, Philippines)"
A rarely commercially offered Nepenthes species. This giant was only described in 2011 from Mt. Kiamo in the Philippines. "Pulchra" means "beautiful".
Nepenthes pulchra grows fast and without big problems. On Mt. Kiamo, the species was found at 1300-1800 m.a.s.l., thus preferring intermediate conditions.
The lower pitchers grow up to 35 cm and are almost completely intensely red in colour. Externally a delicate marbling of the pitchers is visible. The inside of the pitcher is light with a violet tinge. The upper pitchers can grow up to 42 cm and are very narrow, funnel-shaped with a spherical base.
N. pulchra grows preferably on mineral substrate.