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Nepenthes ramispina (Gunung Ulu Kali)

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Product number: AW-N_ram.2
Product information "Nepenthes ramispina (Gunung Ulu Kali)"
Nepenthes ramispina is quite rare in cultivation. The best known is probably still the hybrid of N. ramispina and N. ventricosa called N. x "Rebbeca Soper", which is often found in hardware stores or on windowsills around the world.
The species alone, however, has much to offer. Dark purple, almost black pots with a velvety coating, a black, shiny peristome, and a mostly mint green pitcher interior that stands out among the otherwise dark colors. Bottom jugs are slender and elongated, while high jugs are light green, with a rectangular cross-section, pronounced jug hips, and a slightly funnel-shaped upper portion.
If you want to secure a robust, simple, yet not particularly common species, Nepenthes ramispina is a good choice.