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Nepenthes rhombicaulis (Gunung Pangulubao)

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Product number: AW-N_rhomb_J.2
Product information "Nepenthes rhombicaulis (Gunung Pangulubao)"
Pretty species with unusual ecology, endemic to Sumatra. Unlike many other Nepenthes species, Nepenthes rhombicaulis occurs underground in the forest and often pitchers or parts of the plants are partially to completely covered by detritus and moss. Pitchers that grow buried are reported to grow significantly larger than free-standing pitchers. Bruce Salmon hypothesized that this species thus specialized in capturing subterranean insects.
Under regular highland conditions with night temperature drop, the species is unproblematic to keep, especially the low light requirement.
The pitchers are often cup-shaped with an oval, broad peristome and usually in shades of green, brown or red.