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Nepenthes truncata (Mindanao, Philippines)


Product number: AW-N_trunc_MS.1
Product information "Nepenthes truncata (Mindanao, Philippines)"
Nepenthes truncata is an iconic species of the genus! The oversized pitchers, variability and robustness make it a must-have in the collection.
There are few larger pitchers in the genus than those of Nepenthes truncata, sizes over 50 cm are not uncommon. It is hard to imagine the size of such a pitcher. Red, green, orange and yellow pitchers are all present in Nepenthes truncata, as well as the broad peristome which can be striped, unstriped, red, green, orange or yellow.
The advantage of N. truncata is that it grows out of most setups quickly, but with enough light it can also be cultivated on a windowsill or a skylight. Alternatively it can be grown with artificial light in the room. However, the amount of light has to be high enough, the plant also tolerates direct sun for a few hours. Due to the thick leaves, it hardly dries out as long as the substrate is sufficiently moist.