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Nepenthes truncata (highland - reddish leaves)

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Product number: AW-N_truncr.2
Product information "Nepenthes truncata (highland - reddish leaves)"
One of the best forms of this species! Nepenthes truncata is extremely popular due to the gigantic pitchers, good genes, robustness and coloration.
Nepenthes truncata pitchers are among the largest of the genus. The pitchers can grow to over 50 cm! This dimension is difficult to grasp before you had such a monster fully grown once in front of you. This makes N. truncata a very popular hybridization partner, as hybrids with N. truncata usually produce very large pitchers as well.
Nepenthes truncata "Highland red"/ "reddish leaves" produces slightly reddish leaves, very squat pitchers and intense red stripes on the broad peristome
Even though Nepenthes truncata "reddish leaves" actually originates from the highlands, it can easily be grown in lowlands or even on a windowsill if there is enough light.
There is hardly a more unusual houseplant.