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Nepenthes undulatifolia (Sulawesi)

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Product number: AW-N_undu.1
Product information "Nepenthes undulatifolia (Sulawesi)"

Finally Available!!!

Nepenthes undulatifolia is a unique and incredibly rare species known from two remote mountains in South East Sulawesi. This species is instantly recognisable by its cute, tubby pitchers and the distinctive wavy leaf margins from which it gains its name (Undulating foliage). It grows in high altitude (1800m) montane mossy forests, rooted into clumps of sphagnum moss, either terrestrially or epiphytically on tree branches, as well as on open landslips and steep ridges rooted into laterite clay. In both cases populations are incredibly small and at severe risk from poaching. This is a typical highland plant, though seems to be faster growing than other highlanders.

We are incredibly excited to finally have this available for the first time!!!

Other than being incredibly rare and a special addition to any collection, N. undulatifolia is an incredibly unique and interesting plant, with many interesting features. The unique and instantly recognisable leaves have undulating edges terminating in rounded tips, with the pitcher tendrils separating from the lower surface of the leaf and before the leaf tip (peltate). This characteristic is well known from N. peltata and N. clipeata. The lower surfaces of the leaves themselves, as well as the stems, are covered in a fine but dense, smooth covering of furry white hairs (indumentum), which grows less dense as the vining stems climb.

Lower pitchers (up to 9.5cm) are short, squat, tubby and rounded, with two bold frilled winds extending from the top, down the front to between half and the full length of the pitcher. The lower pitchers are somewhat variable in colour, and may be either a pale yellowish green to dark purple in colour, with dark, dense purple spots. The peristome is only slightly ridged and angles slightly into the almost round and horizontal, upward pointing, pitcher opening. The peristome ranges in colour from a striking yellow to a gorgeous red-purple, often darker towards the inner-edge of the peristome as it angles into the pitcher opening. The elegant upper pitchers (up to 9cm) grow on triangular, twisted vines up to 3m in length. They are arise from the tendril in a strong upward curve leading into a broadly funnel shaped pitcher which bulges out before contracting just below the pitcher opening and peristome, to create a bold ‘ballooning’ effect. These lack frilled wings but still possess two prominent ridges that run down the front of the pale yellow-green pitchers. The peristome is somewhat flattened and like in the lowers lines the round almost horizontal pitcher opening. This leads to a somewhat toilet-like appearance, superficially similar to N. jamban, N. eymae and a few other ‘toilet-bowl’ species from Sumatra. The peristome and pitcher lids are highlighted in orange-red which contrasts well with the pale pitcher body.

Between its incredible rarity, unique and interesting leaves, unusual stems, furry coat and gorgeous pitchers, N. undulatifolia is a stunning addition, with the ability to be centrepiece to even the finest collection. Almost non-existent in nature, be a part of the story of this botanical masterpiece.

Cultivation Guidelines:

Bright indirect or dappled light. Appears to appreciate lower light levels.
Temperature: True highland conditions. Requires cool night time temperatures.
Growing medium: An open, mossy but well-draining mix. A mix of high quality sphagnum moss with horticultural-grade perlite, a bit of good quality peat-moss and pine bark works well. The proportion of Sphagnum in the mix should ideally be quite high.
Extra notes on Cultivation: Appreciates high humidity levels. A fairly fast grower for a highland plant.

A LIMITED number of individual/unique clones from SEED (ISC) are available!