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Nepenthes sibuyanensis (Sibuyan, Philippines)
Very impressive and yet easy to maintain species. Nepenthes sibuyanensis is often completely underestimated, but the large lower pitchers of N. sibuyanensis are absolutely unique. Given the size and shape, the description pot- or bucket-shaped is certainly not inappropriate.The peristome looks very similar to that of N. ventricosa and is broad, serrated and ribbed. The color of the pitchers are usually a light orange or pink and the color of the peristome red or brown with great variability in brightness. High pitchers are slightly more elongated and can turn almost completely white. The robust and vigorous nature coupled with the huge, shapely base cans make this species a recommendation without reservation.

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Nepenthes gracilliflora (alata)
A very simple and variable colored species. While many commercially available N. alata are actually N. x ventrata (i.e. N. ventricosa x alata), the pure species is sold here. Unfortunately, N. alata often unjustly finds little favor with more experienced hobbyists due to its stigma as a "beginner's species" due to the x ventrata hybrid, however, this hardy species is especially worthwhile for windowsill or similar setups where compromises must be made.The adaptability of Nepenthes alata is shown by its wide range of altitudes, namely it occurs from 400-2400 m.a.s.l., i.e. lowland to highland.

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Nepenthes merrilliana (Philippines)
An absolutely stunning lowland species that rival other species for the largest pitchers in the genus. The pitchers grow to 35 cm high and 14 cm wide. There is a close relationship to Nepenthes bellii and Nepenthes suriagonensis. Bottom pitchers are very bulbous to ovate and reddish to orange (rarely green) with an open, serrated peristomes. The upper pitchers correspond largely to the lower pitchers.N. merrilliana occurs from northeastern Mindanao and the offshore islands at 0-1100 m.a.s.l.. Here you have the chance to acquire the probably largest strict lowland species here.

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Nepenthes ventricosa "Porcelain" / "Alba"
A much sought-after form of the well-known N. ventricosa. The anyway very characteristic, hourglass-shaped and easy to maintain N. ventricsoa shows in the alba form light green, almost white pitchers and a red peristome. The contrast is immediately striking!However, the form still shows all the popular characteristics of N. ventricosa, including high adaptability and vigor.This makes this plant suitable for both beginners and experienced collectors.

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Nepenthes viridis (Dinagat, Mindanao, Philippines)
Offered commercially for the first time.