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Nepenthes adnata (Kelog Sembilan, Sumatra)
A simple, but nevertheless pretty small species from the intermediate highlands of Sumatra. A relatively dark pitcher body with a red-brownish reticulate pattern, a narrow, red-purple peristome and a very bright pitcher interior characterize this species. There are no known natural hybrids of Nepenthes adnata, although unfortunately many natural populations have already been destroyed. Further horticultural propagation and protection is very important!Successful reports of cultivation in lowland and highland setups are already known.Nepenthes adnata makes a nice addition to a windowsill or small growspace.

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Nepenthes eustachya (K. Sembilan, Sumatra)
A litophytic species from North Sumatra. The wide altitudinal occurrence from 0-1600 m.a.s.l. allows the species to be successfully maintained under various conditions.The earlier classification under N. alata is particularly evident in the similar lower pitchers. The upper pitchers, however, are clearly distinguished, by the more angular appearance with the rounded base below the hip of the pitcher.Most Nepenthes eustachya show a contrasting red-green coloured peristome and a red or pale, almost whitish pitcher body. The clones sold here show an intense red ground colour. Often underestimated, attractive species.

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Nepenthes longiptera (Dairi, Sumatra)
Nepenthes longiptera comes from North Sumatra. It occurs in the Aceh region at medium altitudes.The species was only described in 2021. The pitcher shape is reminiscent of Nepenthes reinwardtiana or Nepenthes tobaica. The distinctive fringed wings of the upper pitchers are striking and decisive for the species delimitation.

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Nepenthes reinwardtiana (Sumatra)
Typical green form of Nepenthes reinwardtiana from Sumatra. Due to the large distribution both in height and area, this species is very adaptable. It occurs at altitudes from 0-2200 m.a.s.l.! This adaptability makes this species a perfect candidate for hobbyists gaining their first experience in the genus. Characteristic for this species are the distinctive paired eyespots in the inside of the pitcher. Otherwise, the pitchers are strongly hourglass-shaped with particularly slender, elegant high pitchers. The species also has a strongly reduced peristome.

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Nepenthes sumatrana (Sipogas, Sumatra)
Nepenthes sumatrana is certainly one of the most spectacular lowland species of the genus Nepenthes. It is endemic to North and West Sumatra and unfortunately critically endangered. The yellowish to red lower pitchers are extremely bulbous or cup-shaped with a broad pitcher base and can grow up to 20 cm tall and 10 cm wide (!) The peristome is broadly open and intensely red-yellow striped with prominent elevation between the broad wings. The upper pitchers can grow up to 30 cm tall and 15 cm wide and are extremely funnel-shaped with the same elevation in the peristome, similar to that found in N. rafflesiana. The upper pitchers are usually orange-red and continue to show the intense peristome. Tendrils in this species can grow up to 60 cm long. An absolutely impressive and rare species for anyone with a lowland setup with enough space.