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Nepenthes (bongso x inermis) x truncata
Own cross. The Nepenthes truncata used as crossing partner is our well-known red highland clone. Very promising!

Nepenthes (clipeata x eymae) x (veitchii x lowii)
An interesting cross of four extremely distinctive Borneo species.The seedlings are relatively variable and very colorful.

Nepenthes chaniana x mollis
Nepenthes chaniana x mollis shows very pretty lower pitchers. The pitchers have a yellow-green ground colour with many dark red spots. A poison green peristome with red stripes and a green lid speckled with red. The pitcher shape can be described as slender and funnel-shaped and largely corresponds to that of N. chaniana. The leaves are extremely hairy on the underside, and so is the petiolus. This hybrid can also be described as trouble-free and continues to grow even under suboptimal conditions.

Nepenthes epiphytica x mollis
The first commercially available cross with Nepenthes epiphytica. The interesting elongated shape of the pitcher of N. epiphytica and the extreme peristome of N. mollis. Provided the two characteristics manifest themselves in the cross, we have a real winner!

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Nepenthes glandulifera x (veitchii x lowii)
Due to the novelty of this hybrid it is difficult to estimate what results this cross will really show. We can expect a hairy, nectary plant with dark, elongated pitcher and dark, striped peristome. It is hoped that the hybrid will take on the size of veitchii x lowii. Also the shape of the upper pitchers of veitchii x lowii with glandulifera influence could be interesting!

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Nepenthes glandulifera x lowii
A recent hybrid where larger pitchers are not yet known. The first pitchers with characteristics show an elongated pitcher body with the coloration of Nepenthes glandulifera. The peristome is red with dark stripes. The hairs and nectaries have become established and will become established on larger pitchers.However, as with all N. lowii hybrids, one does not know what lies dormant in the combination until one has the first upper pitchers. The funnel shape of N. glandulifera could complement that of N. lowii well .

Nepenthes glandulifera x veitchii (Highl.)
Here lovers of hairy leaves and tendrils get their money's worth! N. veitchii as well as N. glandulifera both show extremely hairy, almost furry leaf undersides and tendrils, this characteristic is also present in the hybrid. The pitchers show a relatively broad, posteriorly folded peristome, which may be yellow, orange, or red, with dark stripes, depending on the individual and light intensity. The pitcher body is funnel-shaped and velvety-haired. Both species stamens from intermediate altitudes, but especially N. veitchii is often very tolerant of lowland temperatures.

Nepenthes platychila x (veitchii x lowii)
A variation of the better known N. (veitchii x lowii) x platychila). The peristome is spectacularly striped and the hybrid is a must for every lover of striped Nepenthesperistomes. The size of the base pots is also remarkable and will come from the N. veitchii x lowii. The high spans give hope, the combination of the massive veitchii x lowii high cans and the flat, striped peristome of N. platychila will be interesting

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Nepenthes platychila x lowii
This is a hybrid of two parent species with character. Both species show intensely striped peristomes in the base pitchersand a pronounced funnel shape in the uppers. The lower pitchers demonstrate that the math works out. I am looking forward to the first high upper pitchers...

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Nepenthes ventricosa x undulatifolia
New hybrid with the Nepenthes undulatifolia described in 2011. This hybrid easily shows the undulating (wavy), namesake leaves of N. undulatifolia. The pitchers are ovate, bulbous, and spotted with a red ground color. The robustness of N. ventricosa makes the hybrid faster and more robust than the already fast-growing pure N. undulatifolia. The hybrid forms many pitchers that are quite large compared to the plant.An extremely rewarding plant for beginners and advanced growers.