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Sphagnum moss, dried, irradiated and weed-free - 5kg

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Product number: AW-Subs_Sphgn5
Product information "Sphagnum moss, dried, irradiated and weed-free - 5kg"

Sphagnum moss is an important sunstrate component in the culture of many carnivorous plants, orchids and other plants. It can store up to 20 times its weight in water, has a low pH and has fungus-inhibiting and antibacterial properties.

We use a mixture of Sphagnum, very coarse peat and perlite for the culture of Heliamphora.

One problem with using Sphagnum, however, is that young plants are easily overgrown by Sphagnum moss when it is still alive and that Sphagnum, depending on its origin, can contain weed seeds. In the hobby sector, for reasons of cost, such moss is often offered, which, depending on the drying process, may still contain living moss plants and weed seeds.

In professional horticulture, however, almost exclusively irradiated killed moss is used to avoid both problems.

Our material comes from Chile and Peru, is of very good quality and is irradiated. The blocks are pressed and have a weight of about 5kg.

Please note that we can generally only ship substrates within Germany and to individual EU countries: 
Shipping of substrates is currently only possible to Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary.

Only one block can be shipped per delivery.