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Squamellaria huxleyana (Vanua Levu, Fiji)

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Product number: AW-Sq_hux.1
Product information "Squamellaria huxleyana (Vanua Levu, Fiji)"
The species Squamellaria huxleyana was described by Chormicki in 2016. It has so far only been documented in Vanua Levu in Fiji.
Similar to S. major, long branches arise from the caudex at many points and bear leaves at the distal end. The caudex itself reaches sizes of 25-30 cm in diameter. The characteristic nubby entrances for ants are also distributed over the whole caudex surface. The plant with caudex and branches can reach a total size of up to 60 cm.

Properties "Squamellaria huxleyana (Vanua Levu, Fiji)"
Climate zone: Tropical